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Designing Renewable Energy Systems that deliver carbon savings 

We are independent renewable energy and building service designers. Over the past ten years we have provided impartial advice, based on sound engineering principles, to home owners, businesses and industry professionals.

Unfettered by a commitment to any particular technology, manufacturer or installer we are able to provide expert advice on the most suitable renewable energy solution for every situation. Our projects have covered everything from solar PV farms and wind turbines to biomass boilers and ground source heat pumps; from farms and factories to stately homes.

Our starting point is always to understand the needs and aspirations of our client. Once we are clear about the aim we investigate the existing and future energy needs of the project. From there we use our experience and expertise to establish the most appropriate and best solution. We pay great attention to detail, particularly with respect to how new equipment can be integrated into existing systems. We understand that simplicity is usually the key to a successful system and that this occurs when the renewable energy installation is a natural fit to its purpose.

We're passionate about renewable energy and happy to help in any way we can to see a new project move forward. Whether you need simply need some initial advice, a specification, a design to use in the tendering process, support from a client's engineer or  a project manager please get in touch.


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