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About Us

We are an engineering consultancy offering advice on the design and installation of renewable energy systems. Now, more than ever, we are convinced of the urgency to reduce mankind's impact on the environment and of the potential for renewable energy technologies to be part of the solution.


Established in 2010, we are among the longest standing renewable energy consultancies in the UK. We are proud to have been part of the huge uptake in renewable and sustainable energy technologies in the UK over the last decade. In this time we have seen the growth of these technologies from fledgling beginnings to mainstream products. The experience we have gained on our journey puts us in a unique position to provide expert and professional advice.

Our independence from any product manufacturer or installer is fundamental to our ability to provide our clients with unbiased advice and to provide the best solution to meet their aims. In fact, we aim to do better than that; by putting the environment and our clients at the heart of all we do we ....

When we are engaged by a client we want to go on the journey with them and to be passionate about the project that we work on together, however small it may be.

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