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Our Ethos

1. We are committed to human well being in all that we do. We take this as seriously for people as we do for our projects.

2. We are more than just a business. We care about the legacy of our work and strive for this to be beneficial for people and the environment.

3. We are committed to hard work and attention to detail in all we do. This helps us deliver the highest quality advice to our clients, which in turn results in the best outcome for them.

4. We bind ourselves to the Engineering Council's Statement of Ethical Principals for Professional Engineers, which in summary includes:

  • A duty to act honestly and with integrity,

  • to have respect for life, law, the environment and the public good,

  • to act with accuracy and rigour,

  • to abide by and promote high standards of leadership and communication.


Further information available here:

5. We are signatories to, and will seek to uphold the aims of, the UK Building Services Engineers Declaration of a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency.


Further information available here:

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