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Our buildings services capability has grown from our renewable energy projects. Experience has taught us that a building's mechanical, electrical and public health (MEP) services must be matched to the heat energy source, especially where this is a renewable technology. 

The heat source and a building's heating system should be designed together so that the efficiency, reliability and effectiveness is planned as a whole system. As we head towards 2050 and strive to achieve zero carbon the traditional approach of oversized fossil fuel boilers and poor controls, leading to wasteful systems with low levels of occupant comfort are no longer credible. 

With the advent of improved building standards and better thermal performance of buildings 

people have come to aspire to a better and more comfortable living environment than even a few years ago; frequently this can also be achieved at lower operating cost. Whether new, renovated or simply refurbished a building is unlikely to have a substantial overhaul of its building services and heating system more than once every 30 years, this means that systems installed now will be operating up to 2050.

At Redcotec we are enthusiastic that every building services project offers an opportunity to do more than simply meet a single need or fix a specific problem. Our aim is that every project should:

  • be designed as a whole system,

  • be as economic with the world's resources as possible,

  • have minimal greenhouse gas emissions,

  • aspire to provide the best possible building environment for its occupants,

  • be reliable and simple to use,

  • be easily maintained by competent tradespeople,

  • have a post project review and optimisation programme,

  • be value for money,

  • provide great satisfaction to the client and occupants.

The scope of the project is always decided by our clients and invariably there are compromises along the way, but we firmly believe that we provide the advice and expertise to secure the best outcome.


We provide a range of services to suit the needs of our clients, it may simply be help selecting the best renewable technology, an outline performance specification for use in a tendering process, a detailed specification or acting as the client's engineer. Please give us a call for a chat about your project - we always love to talk about renewable energy!



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