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Independent Renewable Energy

Consulting Engineers

Case Study - Baddesley Clinton                          Client: The National Trust

Baddesley Clinton is a moated manor house near Warwick under the care of the National Trust. The earliest parts of the building date back to at least the fourteenth century. For 500 years it passed through 12 generations of the Ferrers family. 
The house was heated by two 65kW LPG boilers, but as part of the National Trust's drive to remove fossil fuels from their properties and provide 50% of their energy needs from renewable sources Redcotec were asked to investigate the possibility of heating the house using a ground source heat pump.
We carried out a survey of the heating system and explored the impact of lower radiator temperatures that would occur if the LPG boilers were replaced by a ground source heat pump. We concluded that additional heat emitters would be needed in the residential flat but that in other areas the existing heating would be sufficient to maintain the conservation heating necessary to preserve the fabric of the building and collection.
As part of our work a preliminary performance specification was drawn up indicating the heat pump size and suitable ground area. The financial performance analysis demonstrated that there would be a positive financial gain . A sensitivity analysis was carried out to establish the impact on the return of a number of other factors that were being considered.
On the basis of our findings a detailed design was commissioned by the National Trust and subsequently a ground source heat pump system has been installed in line with our recommendations. Two 40kW heat pumps using a horizontal ground loop covering an area of 3000 sq.m. located in parkland to the north of the house now provide the heating for the house. The system is accredited on to the non-domestic renewable heat incentive scheme and has annual CO2 emission savings of 21 tonnes.
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