Eligible Purposes

Installations serving a single domestic premises are not eligible to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). However, district heating schemes are eligible provided heat is supplied to properties covered by more than 1 Council Tax Band.

Eligible heat uses generally fall into one of 3 categories:

Thermal heat loss imaging
Thermal heat loss imaging

1. Space heating

The heating of rooms within a wholly enclosed building, typically provided through the supply or hot liquid to radiators, fan convector units or underfloor heating.

School kitchens
School kitchens

2. Water heating

The heating of hot water for direct use in applications such as hand-washing, showering, cooking and cleaning.

Industrial heating process equipment
Industrial heating equipment

3. Industrial processes

The use of heat to carry out a specific process such as manufacturing, drying or industrial cooking. It may also include heat that is used to drive another process such as absorption chillers.

Underground heat main
Underground heat main

Ineligible Purposes

Simply stated, any use of heat not used for an eligible purpose is classified by the RHI regulations as an 'ineligible purpose'. However, the list below gives some common examples of heat use that would be classified as ineligible:

  • Any external pipework between buildings
  • Standing losses
  • Heating of open air swimming pools
  • Frost protection of external surfaces
  • Electric heat pumps in cooling mode

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