Ofgem Information Requirements

The information required by Ofgem to validate an installation and allow an RHI claim is extensive. Some of the items are administrative details to prove ownership etc. and others are technical to ensure that the system is eligible and that claims are made for the correct amount of heat.

The (non-exhaustive) lists below give an indication of the level of information required for a complex system with an output greater than 45kW:


  • System size and nameplate efficiency
  • Independent Report on Metering Arrangements (IRMA)
  • A hydraulic schematic showing all heating plant, pipework, heat uses and meter locations
  • Technical details of all heat generating plant connected to the heating system
  • Categorisation of site heating into 'eligible' and 'ineligible loads'
  • Details for each heat meter including model, serial number, latest reading etc.
  • Certification that the meter(s) meet Class 2 standards and all other requirements of the RHI scheme
  • Fuel supply details for biomass systems
  • Standards against which the boiler was tested / certified
  • Evidence that biomass is the primary fuel
  • For heat pump systems, technical specification to support declaration of COP

General documentation

  • Proof of bank account
  • Evidence of consent of organisation to apply for the RHI
  • Evidence of installation showing installer name, installation date and serial number
  • Copies of purchase invoices, commissioning reports and certificates
  • Evidence of non-domestic status
  • Information of any grants received

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