Wind Feasibility Study

Wind Feasibility Study

Site visit

Redcotec's Wind Feasibility Study is designed to provide you with all the information needed to decide whether to go ahead with a wind turbine installation. Our aim is to provide a clear indication of the project costs, risks and expected returns.

We first send an engineer to site to conduct a detailed site survey. This is followed by computer analysis and further research to predict financial performance and model environmental constraints such as noise and shadow flicker.

During the site visit we will discuss the project in detail and answer any queries that you may have. The site visit will cover the following areas:

  1. Assess topography and expected wind flow
  2. Confirm site boundaries
  3. Look for grid connection point(s)
  4. Location of any potentially affected houses
  5. Check accessibility for turbine delivery
  6. Provide an initial view on turbine location

Redcotec approach

Once the data are collected we return to our office and conduct further detailed analysis. The key tasks covered are:

  1. Analysis of on-site electricity use
  2. Prediction of noise levels at nearest dwellings
  3. Calculation of the impact of shadow flicker
  4. Search for any relevant land designations
  5. Investigate potential telecommunications issues
  6. Assess likelihood of radar impact with CAA and MOD
  7. Advise on national planning policy
  8. Calculate area of visual impact
  9. Select suitable wind turbines
  10. Prepare outline economic profiles
  11. Provide clear recommendations on next steps

Key outcomes

The final report will enable an informed decision to be taken as to whether to proceed further. It will also contain much of the technical information that is usually required to proceed to a formal planning application.

At all stages we will identify any major issues or 'show stoppers' that may prevent the project moving forward and suggest opportunities to reduce risk and keep project costs to a minimum.

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