Energy efficiency 'deep dive'

Energy efficiency 'deep dive'

Energy surveys for sports centres & swimming pools

Redcotec conducts detailed energy efficiency surveys for commercial and public buildings. We have particular expertise in large office blocks and leisure centres. Such facilities are typically high energy users and energy costs often make up a high proportion of total running costs.

Our qualified and experienced engineers will conduct a site visit and prepare a detailed report outlining a series of energy saving projects.

The service is ideal for organisations that need to make financial and environmental savings within the next 6 months - 1 year.

Exceptional returns Efficiency upgrades frequently show exceptionally high return on investment. A recent leisure centre survey programme we conducted for Huntingdonshire District Council showed average returns of 45% p.a.
Immediate gainsRedcotec will produce a series of high-return energy efficiency projects ready to be immediately taken forward. With a clear view on costs and returns internal approval is made as quick and simple as possible.
Zero time input Redcotec takes a pro-active approach in organising energy surveys, quipment inspections, analysis of billing data and all other requirements leaving you free to concentrate on other tasks.
Low cost savingsOur advice will also incorporate zero and low cost measures wherever possible. Changes to operational procedures, times or setpoints may cost nothing yet can often yield substantial savings.

Experience & expertise

Redcotec provides advice, training and equipment for efficiency and renewable energy projects. We have particular expertise in large commercial buildings and the leisure and sports industry so are very familiar with the challenges of operating such facilities. To rapidly kick start the project, we will send two qualified and experienced engineers to conduct a detailed, full day, site survey.

Review & engagement

During the survey we will inspect every major item of energy consuming plant. This will involve reviewing capacities, efficiencies & operational parameters. We also recognise that people are a vital part of any energy management strategy and will take time to engage with on-site staff in order to fully understand the situation 'at the coal face'.

Benchmarking & audit

Benchmarking the performance of energy systems against similar facilities is an extremely powerful tool for identifying practical savings opportunities. We conduct a full audit and review of utility billing data, on-site meter readings and any other relevant information. We then feed this into our leisure centre benchmarking and heat-loss models.

Simple, clear reporting

We pride ourselves on providing simple, clear, concise and easy to follow reports and advice. Naturally we take the utmost care to ensure technical accuracy of our recommendations. However, for us people are the key and we believe it is the quality of our reporting and communication that really sets us apart.

Energy saving projects

Redcotec will identify a number of potential energy saving measures and renewable energy projects. The proposals within each report will give an indication of installation costs, financial returns, operational implications and feed-in-tariff/grant eligibility. Our aim is always to provide clear, actionable advice that leads to real gains in energy performance.

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  • A typical large leisure centre spends £119,000 per year on energy *
  • Good practice and typical performance can vary by more than 40%
  • This represents up to £56,000 of potential waste every year
  • Redcotec's survey and analysis helps to capture a chunk of this £56,000

* based on 3p/kWh gas and 10p/kWh electricity Carbon Trust publication ECG078, 3600m2 facility

Renewable Energy

Redcotec surveys include a detailed analysis of the full range of renewable energy technologies that may be suitable for your site.

Renewable Energy

We have considerable experience of assessing sites for biomass, solar and wind opportunities. Our final report will include information on all viable projects along with anticipated capital costs and financial returns.

Integrating renewable energy schemes with efficiency options provides the best range of projects to improve overall energy performance.

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